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Bong for Your Mom

Boom Boom Pow (Live)

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Chris Mess interview on Radio Free Brooklyn | Hair Metal Mixtape

Chris Mess RFB interview on You Tube

Chris Mess RFB interview: on-demand Mixcloud stream

Host Gabe plays songs from the new EP + a mixtape of killer tracks, classic-to-current. We talk creation of the “In Every Disaster” EP, inspiration, influences, more.  Live interview from May 30, 2022. Note: On Mixcloud, the Chris Mess segment starts at 8:11.

===== “In Every Disaster” EP Review
Chris Mess “In Every Disaster” 2022 EP Review

“‘In Every Disaster’ is a fine EP, which grooves and struts in Bolanesque fashion…great playing and singing and well-written songs. With summer just around the corner, this is a perfect EP to go with hot, sunny days and neon-lit summer nights, and fans of power-pop and glam would do well to give this an airing. Buy with confidence!” –, March 2022

===== “In Every Disaster” EP Review
Chris Mess “In Every Disaster” 2022 EP Review

“The band goes all out with their rock ‘n’ roll anthems…they have a giant sound on this EP. With catchy riffs and melodies, the band tips their hat to acts like The Darkness, Queen, David Bowie…give this a spin today!” –, March 2022

Official Metal Sludge review: “The Chris Mess EP”

“Among the brightest new rock hopefuls is Chris Mess, who has a put out a self-titled CD that leans toward 70s-era glam with a hint of British glitter…the production is absolutely sparkling — include 13-part harmonies on “centerpiece” track “Song For Zed” that recalls the awesome splendor of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” – Gerry Gittleson,, June 2016

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Chris is a Seattle native, vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter who toiled in an array of Seattle rock n’ roll, indie, and punk bands through the years, as leader and sideman. He got his live wings schlepping his battered gear across a cross-section of Seattle stages of today and yore—The Sunset Tavern, The Crocodile Cafe, The Fun House, Chop Suey, El Corazon, and defunct but fondly remembered 206 dives like The Lobo and Sit ‘n Spin.

On the road to realizing Chris Mess, several things collided in Chris’ mind: a childhood spent listening to 1970’s Seattle radio stations like KJR and KZOK—the bright AM radio shimmer of KJR’s top 40; the heady KZOK FM hard rock playlists of that decade. Later on, a brief, hair raising time gigging in Hollywood, California. And then, contemporary life in Seattle.

The thought was: what  better time to embrace the majesty of rock, the pageantry of roll—a bit of pomp to go with current circumstances. Whatever. Against odds and good sense, Chris Mess was born.

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